A never-ending journey

Munnar & Kochi

I waited a long time to upload these snapshots of our trip to Munnar and Kochi. I even forget the year we visited these places, maybe 2014 or 15. My memory is a bit fuzzy. After I started using Mac, on of the main areas where I faced issues is finding a decent replacement for paint.net. The default preview app can’t even rotate pictures at some specific angle. For now, I’ve settled with PhotoScape. It does the job, but I still miss you paint.net. I know it’s a lame excuse not to upload it sooner, but it’s the best I have. So, without further ado, here are glimpses of a few memories, beautiful and frozen in time.

On Mnmalism

For quite a long time I’ve pondered the true meaning of minimalism. Reading plenty of blogs about the subject didn’t help much, ‘cause most of them only cared about either purging stuffs or boasting about having only x number of possessions which somehow felt clichéd to me. There was something, a vague feeling maybe, that …